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Assessment Using Technology
What Is Assessment?
  • Are Assessment and Evaluation the same thing?
  • Pre-assessment to Formative Assessment to Summative Assessment.
  • Assessment should be based on the learning goal/outcome/essential question 
Why Integrate Technology into Assessment? Think – Pair – Share 
  • What was the last assessment you remember giving/observing?
  • Was it pre, formative or summative?
  • What was the learning goal associated with it?
  • What part did/could technology have played?
Polls & Surveys Developing Effective Questions Media Tools

Submitting Assessments with Google Forms

Google for Self Graded Assessments and Distributing Assessments

Student Response Systems
  • Tools 
    • Interwrite, Promethean, SMART, TurningPoint, etc.

Rubrics & Checklists

Badging Performance Based Assessments Exit Card
  • What is one thing you can/will do with Assessment Using Technology following this session?

Workshop Evaluation

Some Resources to Learn More