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Integrating Technology Using Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK)
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Cara Hagen
Workshop URL: http://learntech.ties.k12.mn.us/TPACK.html
Password: webinar (case sensitive)

What Is TPACK?

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) is a framework that attempts to capture three of the essential qualities required by teachers for technology integration. In this webinar learn how the three forms of primary knowledge interact to create TPACK. Consider how this framework interplays with your own Teacher knowledge. In addition to discussing TPACK, we will look at different activities you can use with your colleagues as well as your own professional development for integrating technology in your classroom.


Understanding TPACK
  • Originally Lee Shulman developed Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) as a method to explain what teachers need to know in order to be effective.
    • Pedagogy - how an instructor teaches
    • Content - what an instructor teaches
  • Punya Mishra and Matthew Koehler have done extensive research and publication related to the addition of technology to Shulman's concepts.
    • Technology - integrated into to what an instructor teaches
  • The TPACK image is an excellent way to examine the meaning of the individual concepts and how their overlap in this format creates now opportunities for teaching and learning.
  • The power in TPACK lies in the new kinds of knowledge that now exist in the overlapping sections of the diagram. These types of knowledge are the areas where transformational technology integration takes place.
  • TPACK is supported and related to 21st Century Skills and the ISTE NETS•T.
  • TPACK is explained clearly in this Vimeo video

TPACK 101 from Clare Kilbane on Vimeo.

Punya Mishra also created this video called An Introduction to TPACK

Applying TPACK

Activities with TPACK
  • Exploring TPACK (designed for pre-service teachers)
  • The TPACK Game 
  • TIES TPACK Activity
    • Draw a Technology, Pedagogy, and Content topic
    • In pairs or very small group, brainstorm a lesson that would meet all three
      • The technology, pedagogy and content knowledge you used
      • A lesson idea for combining them
      • Would it be at the Literacy, Adapting or Transforming level
      • A plan for delivering professional development to teachers for the technology part
      • An evaluation plan for determining what worked and what should be done differently next time
    • Share both verbally with the group and digitally (Google Presentation, Moodle Forum, Ning Discussion, etc.) so others can follow up

Professional Development for TPACK

TPACK Resources
  • Harris, J., & Hofer, M. (2009). Instructional planning activity types as vehicles for curriculum-based TP ACK development. In C. D. Maddux, (Ed.). Research highlights in technology and teacher education 2009 (pp. 99-108). Chesapeake, VA: Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education (SITE).
  • Koehler, M. J., & Mishra, P. (2008). Introducing TPCK. In J. A. Colbert, K. E. Boyd, K. A. Clark, S. Guan, J. B. Harris, M. A. Kelly & A. D. Thompson (Eds.), Handbook of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Educators (pp. 1-29). New York: Routledge.
  • Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. J. (2006). Technological pedagogical content knowledge: A framework for teacher knowledge. Teachers College Record, 108(6), 1017-1054.

  • Shulman, L. S. (1986). Those who understand: Knowledge growth in teaching. Educational Researcher, 15(4).

Want to Learn More about TPACK?

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