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About TIES

In 1967, innovative Minnesota school districts came together and created TIES using a federal grant to develop a real-time integrated software system that would meet the unique needs of schools and provide information for improved decision-making. The cooperative also places a high value on the development of new teaching-and-learning practices that use power of the computer. These goals remain a priority for this national leader in education technology.

Workshop Description

Graphic organizers are used to visually display information and patterns/relationships in that information. Teachers and students can use them before, during and after instruction as well as for assessments. Resources for locating various types of graphic organizers as well as examples of K-12 implementation across the curriculum will be shared in this webinar. Leave with ideas to development for your classroom.


The mission of TIES, the premier cooperative of educational leaders, is to maximize student learning by:

Promoting a collaborative relationship among member districts.
  • Providing critical, high-quality technology products and services in instruction and operations.
  • Conducting research, analysis and development.
  • Driving innovation in learning.

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