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Links for K-8 Language Arts Teachers

Explore the following web resources for your classroom.  While originally started for language arts, this list has grown to apply to many and varied curricular areas.

General Teacher Tools

  1. Jeopardy Labs - Create your own Jeopardy template online or search for those others have created.
  2. Poll Everywhere - SMS text messages, Twitter, or the web
  3. Wiffiti - Wiffiti publishes real time messages to screens in thousands of locations from your mobile phone or the web
  4. Text the Mob - The easiest and most entertaining way to collect feedback from your audience; have everyone send their input via their cell phones and see results instantly.
  5. EasyBib - Automatic bibliography and citation maker.
  6. Citation Machine - Citation machine is designed to help student and professional researchers to properly credit the sources used.
  7. Rubistar - Want to make exemplary rubrics in a short amount of time?
  8. Quizlet - Study vocabulary or almost anything  
  9. Word Ahead Vocabulary Videos - short vocabulary videos
  10. Internet Public Library - an online reference service
  11. Spelling City - an online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun.
  12. Bubbl - a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online.
  13. Time Toast -Create timelines; share them on the web.
  14. Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds
  15. Amazing Incredible Handwriting Worksheet Creator - Print, D'Nealian or Cursive.
  16. Web 2.0 Cool Tools for School -

Technology/Internet Interaction
  1. Read the Words - Write in the box and the avatar reads the words to you. 
  2. Lingro - The coolest dictionary known; translates web sites and remembers the words for later study.
  3. Visual Dictionary Online - Connect words with images.
  4. Research Project Calculator
  5. Getting Tricky with Wikis -

Student Activities 
  1. Literacy Center
  2. Education Place Wacky Web Tales
  3. All About Farm Animals
  4. Get Your Web License
  5. Starfall
  6. Education Place Web Word Find -
  7. Virtual Poetry
  8. Grammar Gorillas -
  9. Bembo’s Zoo
  10. Scholastic’s Language Arts Computer Lab Favorites -
  11. Fridge Magnet Poetry Boards -
  12. ALFY’s Pick for ABCs -
  13. Houghton Mifflin Spelling Match -
  14. Interactive Grammar Quizzes -
  15. Reading is Fundamental Online Activities -
  16. Word Central -
  17. Anagram Server -
  18. Professor Garfield
  19. Read Print
  20. Fun Brain Reading -
  21. My Pop Magazine Studio -
  22. Shakespeare for Kids
  23. Copyright Kids
  24. I Know That Language Arts -
  25. Language Arts Activities Collection -
  26. Apples 4 the Teacher Language Arts -
  27. Read Me a Book
  28. ABC Tracing Pages
  29. On-Lion for Kids - New York Public Library for Kids
  30. Instant Poetry Forms
  31. Word Plays -

Collections of Resources
  1. Minnesota Learning Loop for Language Arts
  2. Kathy Schrock's Guide for Literature and Language Arts Teachers 
  3. Internet 4 Classrooms Language Arts

iPod Touch Apps and Resources

  1. Top 10 Free Apple iPod Touch Apps for English and Language Arts
  2. Sentence Spin Language Arts App
  3. iPod/iPhone Apps for Education (scroll down a little ways to the language arts section)


  1. Satellite Observations in Science -

Social Studies

  1. Constitution Day -
  2. National Constitution Center
  3. Colonial Williamsburg - History and Education Site