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Ideas for Using Excel in the Classroom
There are many web sites with ideas for classroom projects.  The following sites contain some ideas for using Excel with your students. 

 eMints   This site has ideas specifically about incorporating the use of Excel into the classroom. Ideas include tracking backyard birds, collecting fast food data, creating timelines, and more.
 ThinkQuest   Excel ideas by subject matter.
 Global Warming   A lesson plan for studying global warming, graphing the data and drawing conclusions.
 Civil War Battles   A unit of study about Civil War Battles. Students guess how many different battles there were and then graph the real data.
 Chart Temperature   This Excel document has the temperature collected every hour and an example of graphing it.
 What Would I Weigh on Different Planets   Students would study how to calculate weight on different planets and create the formulas.
 Collect and Graph Student Data   Ideas of kinds of student data to collect and a spreadsheet that you can use to input the data before graphing.
 Data Collection Experiment   Collect information about-right handed and left-handed students and analyze the data.
 Analyze M & M Colors   Students count how many of each color of M & M are ina bag, record the data and graph it.
 Excel Workshop for Teachers   Janet Caughlin's web page about her book by Tom Snyder Productions, Excel Workshop for Teachers. Click on the Excel'lent Resources link to get additional ideas.
 Buying a Dream Car   A lesson plan comparing amounts paid using different interest rates.
 Create a Timeline   Create a timeline including graphics.
 Almost Everything You Need for Using Spreadsheets in the Classroom   Some ideas from the North Carolina Department of Instruction
 Teacher2Teacher Web Site   Sixteen Excel ideas. You will need to download PDF and XLS files.